Posted on: May 22, 2024

So, you made a great website design five years ago, and you are very proud of it, even today. Yes, you deserve appreciation for your hard work, but remember that with time, everything changes- your business, your target audiences and the market. Also, there is a possibility that you have launched new products or services or your brand has changed.

Do you think you can reach your prospects with your old website after all these changes (In your business and market)? No, right? Therefore, you need to keep updating your website to ensure your business thrives and you effectively engage your customers. Here, we will help you know whether you need a website redesign and everything about it, from its cost and importance to how it can affect SEO. So, trust us and get ready to dive deep into website redesign.

Website redesign

Website redesign is not a mere process of improving the appearance of your website. But the overall user experience. This process comprises several things, such as evaluating the website content, restructuring the layout of the website and many more. Website redesign also focuses on analyzing the site speed and performance to ensure your customers do not leave your website because of slow website loading or any other issue.

Do you need a website redesign?

Many factors decide whether you need a website redesign or not, such as the one we mentioned above (Old or out-of-date website). However, you also need to check your site performance to determine if it needs a refresh.

  • How much time is it taking to load?
  • Can you see the website properly on other devices?
  • Does it contain old information about your company or services?
  • Is its bounce rate too high?
  • Are visitors able to find the content they are searching for on your website?

Your website is the first thing that people will see, so its design must be taken seriously. Moreover, new trends have come into the market, which include responsive design. If you know nothing about responsive website design, here is a quick overview to help you. A responsive design is a design that adapts itself according to the screen on which it is used, such as a mobile, laptop, etc. Also, if you are thinking about rebranding, change is something that you need more than anything else to meet your business goals and earn profits.

After determining if you need a website redesign, the next is to understand why website redesign is important. So, let us shed some light on it in the next section.

What is the importance of website redesign?

Website redesign gives you a perfect opportunity to enhance your site aesthetics, ride into the wave of technological advancements, improve your overall site functionality, SEO strategy, etc. Along with these, the redesign will also give you the chance to:-

  • Strengthen your ability to generate leads Bad user experience, design and, many times, the website's content can hinder leads of a business or can even drive them away. A website redesign can help with getting your desired leads by enhancing user experience online. Not only this, but an up-to-date website with new technologies will give your brand a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • Convey your business evolution Your brand identity and core offering must be reflected on your business website. For example, if a business has added new products, it needs to add e-commerce functionalities to its website, which includes pages and navigation elements, to make it easy for people to browse the website.
  • Give you a competitive advantage Your website may be old, but other websites are not. They might be following new trends, which is helping them create a perspective that their website design is cool. If customers think that your website design is outdated, they may connect a negative attribute with your brand, making your business lose its authority and appeal. Even small updates can help keep your website fresh, but they can not substitute a full website design.

How much does a website redesign cost?

So, now that you have understood the need and importance of website redesign, next is to determine the financial investment required for it.

The average cost of a website redesign is impossible to estimate because it depends on several factors. The following factors will help you know how much does website redesign costs.

  • The method of redesign that a business follows ( DIY, Agency, Freelancer)
  • Complexity of a website
  • Additional features that you want to add to the website.

Typically, a DIY website redesign costs you less than hiring professionals, but you still need to spend on tools and services. For example, CMS or Content Management Systems are free software, but you have to pay for hosting premium themes and plugins. On average, website redesign (DIY) cost ranges between $100 to $2000.

An agency might charge you between $15,000 to $25000, but keep in mind that these expenses can be increased or decreased based on the agency you are hiring. The complexity of your website also decides how much you have to pay, and it usually ranges between $30,000 to $70,000.

Does website redesign affect SEO?

Website redesign will positively impact your SEO if it is executed properly; however, if best practices are not followed, it can negatively impact your website. So, it is vital to hire a website redesign agency that understands SEO and has good experience in implementing effective SEO strategies. If you are wondering how website redesign can positively impact your SEO, the below points will help you comprehend.

  • Enhanced user experience Website redesign enhances crucial elements of your website, such as navigation bars, website load times and overall user experience, which plays a vital role in engaging customers and eventually improves your SEO.
  • Improved website structure Website redesign optimises the structure of the website, which helps search engines crawl and index the content on your website. Website redesign agencies that are experts in SEO use various strategies to make it easy for the customer to make a purchase.
  • Technical advancements Companies that offer top-notch website redesign services across the globe implement technical SEO improvements during the design process. These improvements include optimizing meta tags and fixing site speed and crawl issues, which help elevate website visibility on search engines.

How to budget for website redesign?-The bonus point

After knowing the need and importance of website redesign and the effects of website redesign on SEO, you might get interested in redesigning your website. But for that, you need to make a website redesign budget. Here are some tips that will help you plan your budget carefully.

Set your goals

Decide what you want to achieve from your website redesign. For example, you want to increase your website traffic, boost your conversion rates, or improve user experience. This will help you create a strategy that is aligned with your goals.

What do you want to change?

Every website has some good elements and bad, so you have to decide which elements you want to remove and which to keep. Also, if your website is outdated, it needs a complete renewal and for that; you need a good amount of money.

Do your research

Check out your competitor's website to see how they have designed their website and how much you think they have spent on it. If they have spent too much on redesign, you need to spend that much.

Set a website redesign budget

Now, it's time to determine how much money you can spend on the website and release the funds according to your goals. For example, if you want to increase traffic, you need to spend more money on SEO. Similarly, if you want to surge your conversion rates, focus more on designing a user-friendly website. Also, there can be some unexpected expenses, so keep some extra money for that.

Keep tracking your spending

Whether you hire a website redesign company or DIY, you need to be aware of how much you are spending from your budget. This will ensure that you don’t overspend on a specific area of the project.

Final words

You might have seen many websites redesign before and after images on the internet and thinking about whether you should redesign your website. We hope the above article will help you decide and guide you on how you redesign your website to increase your visibility online. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. Stay tuned to read more interesting topics on web design, web development,digital marketing and more.

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